The following thematic sessions have been approved:



Alpine Ecosystems under global change

Functional traits in ecology

Biodiversity and ES in agroecosystems

Plant carbon allocation and storage

Citizen Science in ecology

Microbial ecology and soil processes

Science for conservation and restoration

Non-target effects of pesticides

Ecological perspectives on urban environments

Biological invasions

Ecosystem perspectives in wildlife ecology

Forest disturbance

Ecology 4.0

Forest function

Freshwater and society


Ecological and conservation genetics

Host vector parasite interactions


Ecological indicators and monitoring

Learning from protected areas

From science and practice in conservation

Novel tools and data

Eurasian steppe

Physiological plant ecology

Plant populations facing environmental change

Monitoring of farmland biodiversity

Pollinator ecology

Societal dimensions in ecological research

Scales in ecology

Social ecology: concepts and methods

Ecological long-term data

Trophic levels in biodiversity experiments

Plant phenology shifts

Water in plants and ecosystems

Free Session