Public lecture

Tuesday 10 September

Open to the public – free admission!

Nico Blüthgen

Head of the Ecological Networks Lab, Department of Biology, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany

Nicht nur die Biene – Ursachen und Folgen des Insektensterbens

Nico Blüthgen studied biology in Marburg, Würzburg, Duke University and Bonn, where he focused on ant – plant interactions in the Amazonian rainforest for his Diploma thesis. Based at the University of Bayreuth, he continued working in tropical rainforests for his PhD thesis, looking at nectar and honeydew resource quality consumed by ant communities in Australia. As a Postdoc at the University of Würzburg, he then conducted research on various groups of insects in rainforests on Borneo as well as in German forests and grasslands. Since 2011 he is a professor at the Technische Universität Darmstadt where he leads a lab on ‘Ecological Networks’. He is broadly interested in the ecology of insect communities, including ants, dung beetles, bees and herbivores, their interactions, ecosystem functioning and responses to land use. Research approaches in his lab include chemical analysis of nutrients, ecophysiological and functional trait measurements and conceptual work on species interaction networks. s